News 09.11.2019

Stifle the cry of a stone / Krüger, Różycki, Kloska, Gembalski, Strojecki, Zygalski

Ars Cameralis Festival at AFA Katowice

A confrontation of poets from distant worlds, distinct literary spaces and generations. A venerable classic who infected the entire contemporary German literature with his poetic diction shares the stage with one of the most interesting poets of the Polish middle generation. A fascinating meeting of artistic strategies developed from different experiences but sharing the same spaces: the belief in the significance of the poetic word and faith in its importance and impact.

Michael Krüger and Tomasz Różycki offer not only sophisticated phrases but also, first of all, coherent and beautiful visions of the world. After translating into poetic languages the visions become intriguing adventures: they perform literature’s most essential function, celebrate the mystery, point their fingers right at the point at which the world cracks. The meeting will be accompanied by Henryk Gembalski’s performance and a multimedia performance by joining words, sound and image by Tomasz Strojecki (doctoral student) and Krzysztof Zygalski.

Literary Confrontations
9 November, 19:00
Multimedia performance: Tomasz Strojecki (doctoral student) and Krzysztof Zygalski (AFA teacher)
Raciborska 50, Moving Image and Interaction Lab (LORI, room 112)

Free admission

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