News 04.03.2020

Students weave aspen bast

Design students had a workshop in Osikowa Dolina

The town of Koziegłowy has a tradition of weaving from fine wood shavings. Today, it is the only place in Poland (or perhaps in the world) where this special technique  was and is still used to produce hats, flowers, baskets, decorations, rugs and other products.

Hundreds of people used this technique in Koziegłowy, Koziegłówki and Gniazdów in late 19th century, producing natural-coloured or dyed goods. Expert craftsmen cut fine long shavings from aspen wood coming from the trees growing abundantly in the marshy terrain. Among the products, especially popular were brighlty coloured weaved flowers.

The results of the work of our students and the regional specialists will be presented at the Łódź Design Festival.

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