News 11.12.2020

Sybilla Skałuba in Japan

An award and an exhibition.

Sybilla Skałuba is a winner of the Utazu Art Award Biennale 2018. This year, her works are presented in a solo exhibition.

Sybilla Skałuba / Liminal transformation

The body of posthumanism: liminal life is a next stage of observation and penetration for me, this time of the subcutaneous matter of the human body both in the transcendent and biological sense. It is an attempt to specify our identity and to confront our sense of being “exceptional” with the ever-more-perfect biotechnosystems in the era of intelligent machines equipped with advanced forms of artificial intelligence. We cross the borders between the human and animal, human and machine, and between what is physical and what is non-physical. We become posthuman because both the idea of humanity and the natural environment of humans are subject to such profound changes that old categories turn out to be insufficient to describe the condition of contemporary people and their habitat.

Utazu Art Award Biennale 2018 / Solo exhibition 2020 / Utazu Art Award Biennale 2020
Patronage: Professor Toshihiro Hamano / Hamano Art Foundation Grand Prix 2018 / 20, Kagawa Patronage,
Professor Akira Tatehata / President, Tama Art University in Tokyo /

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