News 04.10.2019


AFA students exhibiting in Poznań

Everything is fast, too fast and fast in an unpretty way. When it is too fast, it becomes inhuman, although sometimes speed is derived from humanity. Time, time, time and one has no time to think too much. To think about thinking. Speed is raw, it has no space for sophisticated forms, wild inventions, masks or facades.

The SZYBKO / NIELUDZKO exhibition shows what delights us in carefree creation and its inherent speed of action. Fast pictures shot in moments of exultation or sweet melancholy. The speed of reality locked thoughtfully in canvas. Fast but utterly sincere words spoken without thinking. Fast ideas that spring to the mind and disappear equally quickly. Fast analysis of fast life.

Opening: 8 October 2019, 18:00, Scena Otwarta ul. Ratajczaka 20.
The exhibition includes our Chair of Printmaking students: Jan Kowal and Marcin Zonnenberg.

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