News 03.11.2021

Tattooed with Silesia

Piotr Muschalik: photography exhibition

The exhibition is a result of a two-year interdisciplinary project that involved nearly 40 people with Upper-Silesia- and coalmine-themed tattoos.

At first, a book was created, containing the artistic photographs by Piotr Muschalik. The cycle of portraits placing their subjects in specific contexts enters into a dialogue with the traditions of documentary photography. The publication is unique as it includes the words of the people who are tattooed with images invoking Upper Silesia and the mining industry. The texts of Beata Piecha-Van Schagen and Barbara Firla explain the archetypes, cultural topoi and the ways of creating narratives used for constructing the Upper-Silesian identity. All these voices join to present the topic on its three narrative levels: the narrative of the image, narrative of the tattooed people, and the anthropological and historical intepretation.

The exhibition is open at the Electrical Workshop of Strefa Carnall. Opening: 5 November, 17:00. ul. Wolności 408, Zabrze.

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