The Connect Project
News 02.06.2016

The Connect Project

In June 2017 at the Rondo Sztuki Gallery, the ASP in Katowice will present another exhibition of the Connect project.

Connect is a Polish-British undertaking realised with the participation of the Katowice students and PhD students and the graduates of the Chelsea College of Arts in London. The project was initiated in February 2016. Its first results were shown at the Ply Gallery in London in 2016. The final exhibition will take place on 2nd June in Katowice. The result of the one-and-a-half-year cooperation will also be presented in a form of common publication.
CONNECT is an attempt to create interactions between representatives of various cultures, generations and artistic formations that take up issues regarding relationships between artist, art recipients, space and what is revealed and concealed deep into us.
Project curators: Oxana Smirnova, Fabian Strobel and Pawel Mendrek PhD.

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