News 16.09.2016

The Insects Project

The Insects Project – Problems od Diacritic Design for Central European Languages publication; ed. Agnieszka Małecka-Kwiatkowska PhD, Zofia Oslislo-Piekarska PhD.

 The book is the final outcome of an international research programme devoted to recognising the specific character of Central-European typography and disseminating the knowledge on how to design typefaces with enough consideration given the needs of Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Slovak language users.

The publication contains four articles, written by experts invited to cooperate: Filip Blažek (CZ), Robert Kravjanszki (HU), Palo Balik (SK) and the Polish leading tandem Agnieszka Małecka & Zofia Oslislo (PL). Each article contains a historical part and a section focusing on the principles of the proper design of the diacritics of each language and presenting certain design problems and related examples of good (alternative) solutions. The project was presented at international conferences: ATypI Warsaw 2016 and Typo Berlin 2017. The publication made it to designers’ collections, typographic houses, design courses and academic centres in Europe and the USA.

The publication and further information can be accessed from

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