News 03.10.2020

The Origin of Matter: A Supplement

Waldemar Węgrzyn in Gliwice. Show opening on 3 October.

Some aspects of the material world escape our cognition. Much as the observation of certain processes such as growth, respiration or reaction to stimuli allows us to place some phenomena in the kingdom of fungi, plants or animals, we still encounter individuals or specimens that are difficult to qualify unequivocally.

The situation poses even more difficulties if we consider the inanimate matter. It seems that Linnaeus already had doubts about its nature, establishing, in addition to the above, a kingdom of minerals. Even though science has contradicted the idea of inanimate matter’s capability of autogenesis for over three hundred years, we still happen to stand surprised by the spontaneous order, unexpected growth, or accidental alignment of elements which turn out to fit each other perfectly.

How do things originate then? How do crystals grow? Where do kefir grains come from? What are things made of? These are some of the questions you will not find answers for while visiting the exhibition.

The collection presented includes objects which were made, found or recorded during momentary artistic residencies  at Biały Dwór near Bargłówka, Leroy Merlin Gliwice, FHU MAX Gliwice, JKK Wyroby Gumowe Gliwice, and also Krautuvėlė MiniMarket in Palanga (Lithuania) and in Vidovići (Croatia).

More details available on the Brama Gallery in Gliwice website.

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