News 17.02.2023

The Portrait of a Portrait

New publication of AFAD Katowice

 ‘The Portrait of a Portrait’ is a summary of a research project focusing on the portrait and self-portrait viewed not as an imitation but a form of transformation of the face and a way to transcend its visuality. The publication includes specialist academic articles on the history and theory of the subject, however the main part comprises the collection of 350 portraits by more than 150 artists. The collection constitutes and anthology which is the result of research and exercises that attempt to redefine this form but also of questions about the relevance of the portrait and its entanglement in different narratives of human identities as something constant and volatile at the same time.

Edited by: Magdalena Nazarkiewicz

Texts: Anna Kałuża, Mikołaj Marcela, Magdalena Nazarkiewicz, Ryszard Solik, Stefan Speil, Ewa Skorupa.

Translated by: Alicja Gorgoń, Groy Translation Agency

Graphic design by: Magdalena Nazarkiewicz

Published by: Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Katowice



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