News 19.07.2019

The sarcophagi of Polish kings travel to Tychy to meet an AFA teacher

The sarcophagi of Ladislaus IV Vasa, his wife Cecilia Renata of Austria and King August II the Strong left Kraków on 4 April 2019 and arrived in Tychy, where they will undergo restoration.

An interesting discovery was made during the works. It turned out that the sarcophagus of August II the Strong contained a copper box time capsule. ‘Inside, we found some precious artefacts from 1835. The capsule and its contents are undergoing conservation treatment. All paper items required immediate intervention, we will do our best to save them. The metal elements are in good shape, they need cleaning and safeguarding,’ reads the Facebook profile of the conservation workshop.

The workshop of Tomasz and Agnieszka Trzos (AFA Katowice teacher) has already renovated 11 tin sarcophagi of Polish kings and their family members. It has also restored the sarcophagus of Marshal Piłsudski.

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