The Unseen
News 15.06.2022

The Unseen

Art Therapy: diploma project exhibition opening

Humans are creatures that seek all potential scientific ways to discover, name or cope with the things they encounter on their journey. Humans examine and study distant galaxies, ocean depths or the insides of volcanoes. They can use brain neuroimaging for diagnosis and for observing physiological reactiveness to all sorts of stimuli.

Humans want to “know” because they are driven by the imperative of cognition which gives them an impression of being in control. However, they are often deluded (we have known it since Ebbinghaus defined illusion), deceived by patterns and prejudices that distort the actual experience, also in relation to others. It is sometimes the result of the overrated belief that everything can be measured, weighed, priced or valorised.

Galeria Pusta, Katowice Miasto Ogrodów,
Exhibition opening: 15 June, 16.00.    
Exhibition of diploma projects will be open until 26 June.

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