News 17.02.2023

Three new exhibitions in the Koszarowa st. building

Previously presented at the Silesian Science Festival in December, the exhibitions are now available at AFAD campus.

First exhibition: ‘Katowice 4 December 2022 BC’

Five works by AFAD Katowice students who attempted to answer the question asked by Łukasz Lamża: ‘What was happening here, in the place we stand, in the year 2022 but BC? Who were those people, how did they live, what were their dreams?’ We present five of the fifteen outstanding works informed by latest archaeological research and sound historical knowledge, created by Konrad Sikora, Aleksandra Siudak, Julia Kapes and Ewa Duda (AFAD Katowice Illustration Studio) and Maja Rakowska (AFAD Katowice Visual Information Studio and Illustration Studio).

Second exhibition: ‘Lamża and friends’

Three works created independently by four artists for the “We read nature” stage and the Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE. What role does image play in our understanding of the world? Can knowledge be beautiful? The artists who try to answer these questions are Agata Mendziuk (These orchids do not exist), Lech Mazurczyk and Łukasz Lamża (Forgotten kingdom) and Max Skorwider (The map of science).

Third exhibition: ‘Look closely’

Five beautiful high-quality photographs in ultra-high resolution, showing six mysterious objects.

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