News 31.08.2022

Top design winner: AFAD Katowice graduate

A European Product Design Award was granted to ‘Pose,’ a sex education set for blind people.

‘Pose’ is an educational set for teaching blind people sexual positions. It addresses the problem people with visual dysfunctions have to access knowledge about sexuality and to find products which are suitable for them.

The project comprises descriptions of sexual positions created in collaboration with sex educator dr Dagna Kocur, 13 audio films on Youtube and figurines which show the users each position in detail. The figurines have been designed for tactile perception.

The designer, Karolina Kruszewska, is a Design graduate of the AFAD Katowice. ‘Pose’ was created as part of diploma project developed at the Social Design Studio under the supervision of dr hab. Justyna Kucharczyk.

More information about the product.

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