News 01.12.2018

Turning points – AFA Katowice artists inspired by global warming

Global environmental thinking gets its representation in the local. The exhibition includes the Faculty of Design diploma projects, work results of AFA studios, and works produces specially for the show, which opens on 4 December at 13:00 at the Raciborska 50 building.

The notion of a turning point as used by climatologists means the moment of an irreversible change, a transformation of one state into another. The forecast political, economic and social effects of a climate destabilized by human activity are worrying and thought-provoking. The risk of a climate change opens a new space of cooperation for scientists, designers and artists, whose joint involvement may include searching for specific solutions to create an impact on the environment, as well as exposing threats, communicating effectively, or building social awareness.
The exhibits mediate global environmental thinking through the local. The authors analyze the problems at hand and examine the places where they live. They monitor the threats, visualize the data, watch the natural environment, activate the local communities and comment of the ongoing debate. They use different complementary strategies to make us aware of our ties with nature, to inform and to warn us.
The exhibition was curated by Krzysztof Szewczyk and has been organized to accompany the UN Climate Summit (COP24) which took part in Katowice from 1 to 16 December.
The works are displayed in the hall and on the 3rd floor of the Raciborska 50 building and can be viewed from 9:00 to 19:00 every day until 21 December.

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