News 02.03.2022

Uncharted territory

BWA Katowice presents an interdepartmental exhibition of artists and designers connected with the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Katowice.

The presentation gives an insight into projects, activities and realisations that escape the university framework. In the process of searching for projects to be presented at the exhibition - selected from among those submitted in an open call addressed to all people performing creative work at the Academy - our interest focused on those practices that do not fit into academic parameterisation and are not necessarily subject to evaluation in the context of internal university statistics.
The exhibition also reveals the different types of relationships that people associated with the school enter into with the local community, institutions or initiatives. It is about places and activities fuelled by skills through concrete people, strengthened by their creative practice. The "Uncharted territory" exposes specific networks, a multiplicity of connections between the Academy and what is outside its walls, and sometimes also outside the artistic community, still perceived as exclusive.

The exhibition participants:
Judyta Bernaś, Jan Dybała + Piotr Ceglarek [Katowice Sound Department], Katarzyna Fober + Bartłomiej Polak [KUFA.Design], Jolanta Jastrząb, Magdalena Kilarska, Michalina W. Klasik, Bogdan Kosak, Aleksander Kozera, Barbara Kubska + Anna Sielska + Paulina Urbańska [ABC Tychy], Paweł Mendrek + Martin Newth + Dave Beech, Hanna Sitarz-Pietrzak, Joanna Zdzienicka-Obałek

Curator: Magdalena Kreis
Visual identification: Anna Kopaczewska, Typo: Agata Kujda
Set design: Dominika Żłobińska
Coordination: Paweł Szeibel

Project partner: Katowice Sound Department

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