News 14.02.2023

Unique universal design training sessions

The trainings are offered to Design and Graphic Design teachers.

The trainers are designers who implement innovative solutions that set new standards in universal design.

Tactile studio: international award-winning inclusive design agency. Their projects can be experienced in places such as Expo Dubai 2022, The Louvre Museum, The Children’s Philharmonic in Paris.
Madelaine Dowd: award-winning multidisciplinary designer focusing on social innovation. She works at the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design in London, runs her own Helm Innovation Ltd business and leads The Cross Design Studio.
Piotr Źrołka: designer and consultant with 14-year experience in helping small and big companies design universal services. He runs UX Kinaole studio in Wrocław.
Transport for London experts Daniela Barbeira, Claire Horne, Yasheen Hadlow from the Experience Design TFL team that implements digital services used daily by millions of Londoners and tourists, including the TfL Go app, website and digital screen displays in the entire London network.
This is the third training session and it will take place at the Academy campus from 6 to 10 March 2023. The trainings are offered to teachers in the Design and Graphic Design study programmes.

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