News 15.05.2019

We are reading Derek Jarman's book together

He is known as 'the director of Caravaggio.' Wonder what Caravaggio would say. On Friday 21 June we are reading Derek Jarman's Chroma: A Book of Colours. Admission is free as usual, all participants welcome.

This is Derek Jarman's first book to be translated into Polish. The director of Caravaggion offers a cultural anthropology of colours, as simple in its assumptions as it is revolutionary. Looking at the world in terms of colours brings surprising discoveries, reaching far beyond the horizon of art history. The colour is one of the most intensive stimuli, having an impact not just on the eyes: it may have a texture, smell, temperature and a great political power. At the same time, it is a terribly treacherous and volatile factor. The fascinating tropes left by Jarman are also full of traps. The author signals its himself, and his key thesis is: 'the colour lies,' we read in the description provided by the book's publisher, Instytucja Filmowa Silesia Film in Katowice.

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