News 21.06.2022

We are the change / Migrations

Migrations: exhibition of Faculty of Art diploma projects, BWA Katowice, 25 June, 16:00 We are the change: Faculty of Design diploma projects, Open Space, Raciborska 50, 18:00

Exhibition of diploma projects of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Katowice Faculty of Art

On the one hand, it is a review of attitudes of the young artists, and on the other hand an attempt at capturing the spirit of the last few years.

Finishing one’s studies is for many a moment of passage: a change, symbolic migration beyond the school’s safe space. It takes courage, mindful observation of the surrounding world and one’s relation to it, being open to change, to what is new and unknown. The MIGRATIONS exhibition refers to this complicated, and simultaneously fascinating, period. lt also intends to depict the diverse creative attitudes – some of them powerful and fully shaped – underlying the presented works.

As written by Zofia Kawczyńska-Butrym, migration is „a strategy people have used since time immemorial to try to deal with difficult and threatening situations.” It is also a natural phenomenon, widespread in the natural world, that can be connected with changing one’s place of habitat or extending one’s range. What will it be for the youngest generation of artists?

Jagoda Cerkiewnik, Dorota Damek, Zuzanna Distel, Agata Gomulicka, Karolina Gwóźdź, Alicja Kalinowska, Jan Kowal, Małgorzata Knapik, Magdalena Łukasik, Jakub Padula, Magdalena Pasternak, Mateusz Patrzyk-De Oliveira, Emanuela Pawłowska, Martyna Pinkowska, Dawid Porembski, Szymon Poloczek, Maciej Rosa, Edyta Rybak, Daria Skoczypiec, Paweł Sobczak, Karolina Szwed, Marlena Szewczyk, Marta Uszakow, Natalia Wirmańska.

Parallel to the “Migrations” exhibition, the AFAD Katowice Open Space hosts the “We are the change” exhibition of diploma projects of the Faculty of Design, focusing on the contemporary challenges of everyday life.

Diploma projects of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Katowice Faculty of Design

Several dozen of projects presented in the Open Space at 50 Raciborska street offer a review of young designers’ approaches to the issues related with the contemporary challenges of everyday life.

The projects address problems connected with the body and health, identity and well-being, environment and technology, proposing design solutions in each of these areas.

The exhibition presents also diplomas focused on creating narratives and storytelling, exploring traditional and new media, and using them to build multi-layered messages.

The “Migrations” exhibition which takes place simultaneously at the BWA in Katowice and presents the works of the Faculty of Art graduates, remains in relation to the works of the designers, addressing the contemporary social developments and showcasing different strategies of navigating the reality.

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