News 21.02.2023

Weekdays Design (Design na BezTydzień)

This is the sixth edition of the event, for the second time co-organised by the AFAD Katowice Faculty of Design students.

The project is intended for the Faculty of Design students. They can take part in workshops and meetings with outstanding experts: comic book script writer Tomasz Kontny, illustrator Alicja Kocurek, ceramic artist Bogdan Kosak, architect and visual information system designer Anna Nowokuńska-Maksymiuk, tajny_projekt design studio and art collective Kacper Muttke and Michał Urbański, visual artist and musician Bartosz Zaskórski, and many more.

‘We want to work together, exchange experience and learn from each other, that is why this year all workshop places are available to both Bachelor- and Master-level students. Since initiative and independent decision-making are important elements of design and education, participants themselves select the workshops they are interested in,’ say the organisers.

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