News 06.05.2022

What do we need the Academy for?

Invitation to conference on 11 May

What do we need the Academy for? This question asked here at the Academy sounds provoking, regardless of the circumstances accompanying the asking. However, regardless of its subversiveness, it retains its fundamental dimension and meaning. The question refers to the Academy’s rationale for being, acting and all the accompanying circumstances. It also refers to the horizon within which the Academy is to be perceived. It is not insignificant whether, in our attempts at recognizing its origins, we remain within the boundaries of historical art academies of the 17th century, or whether we find the courage to confront its original Greek residuum located in the distinctive order contemplating the truth, or the way of the soul finding its way to itself, i. e. the actual being identical with the perfection of the Idea.

dr Mieczysław Juda, prof. ASP

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