Will we miss you? Tales from the city.
News 14.01.2019

Will we miss you? Tales from the city.

The eights students from Belgium, Czechia, Slovakia and Wales who have studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice will show what impact the Katowice has made on them as the city where they lived a studied for one semester. The exhibition will include prints, collages, posters and paintings produced especially for the occasion.

An Erasmus exchange students spends an average of 151 days in the new place. Is the time enough to get familiar with the new city? How many memories and impressions can such time allow? How does the new environment influence the work of the young artist? Is Katowice friendly for outsiders? What are the cultural differences that foreigners can pinpoint? Is the time enough to generate the feeling of missing the place?
“Will we miss you” shows the impressions, emotions, fears, hopes and our reality as seen through the eyes of outsiders.

Artists: Juliana Buckova, Oscar Claus, Rowanne Dias, Eliska Frejthova, Matthias Gysen, Gary Jackson, Klara Krajciova, Daniela Vagasova
Curator: Adrian Chorębała

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