News 26.10.2019

Zbigniew Furgaliński in Nakło Śląskie

Exhibition opening at the Silesian Culture Centre. Zbigniew Furgaliński’s paintings as centrepiece, and music.

'The horizon is a limit, a notion physical and metaphysical at the same time. Related to the law of universal gravitation, simulteneously it represents a longing for a better, different world. It describes our point of view, specifies our place in the world, decides about our being here and now; we carry it within. My paintings seem abstract but in fact they are extracts from the landscape, brought to an elementary level: a horizontal line. The essence of my paintings are intensive harmony and a pulsating light permeating from underneath the paint. The apparent monotony of the pictures is based on a pattern of horizontal, rhythmic lines and results from the contemplative sensation and experience of reality. I try to construct my paintings with discipline and logic, however they are the fruit of emotion and sensual perception of visual phenomena.'

Zbigniew Furgaliński

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