Patrycja Rudnicka

  • phd
  • She combines academic and business experience and an interdisciplinary approach in the areas of psychology, technology, and design
  • phd
  • She combines academic and business experience and an interdisciplinary approach in the areas of psychology, technology, and design

Dr. Patrycja Rudnicka is a cyberpsychologist and work and organizational psychologist, graduate of the University of Silesia in Katowice (Psychology: Ph.D., 2007; MA, 2002). 

She is an assistant professor at the Department of Theory and Art History. She teaches classes in product psychology, interpersonal communication, commercial aspects of design, and diploma seminars.

Interdisciplinary and growth-oriented, she works at the crossroads of psychology, technology, and design. In her research, she focuses on the determinants of technology readiness, e-learning, and user experience (UX). She has experience coordinating research and implementation projects funded by National Center for Research and Development (NCBiR). Author of numerous publications and conference presentations.

As a practitioner, she designs and supervises UX research for Polish and global brands. Together with the design and research agency Mobee Dick, she carried out research projects for, among others, Adobe, mElements (mBank group), Ailis, PLL LOT, Kross. She also cooperated with institutions, designers, engineers, and startups in strategic consulting and research, wayfinding, and participatory design (e.g. Blank Studio, the Fryderyk Chopin Institute in Warsaw, Metropolia GZM, Park Śląski SA, Silesian Center of Information Society, Zamek Cieszyn). Her experience in Human-Centered Design and Value Sensitive Design helps to design ethical and effective solutions using research-based evidence and behavioral design.

She is also an expert and lecturer in User Experience Design / Product Design postgraduate studies conducted by the SWPS University. As a mentor of the DareIT program, she supports women in entering the job market in the IT area. She promotes the psychology of design and UX research at conferences, webinars, workshops, and popular science publications (including Newsweek, 2 + 3D, Formy).


  • Rudnicka, P. (2021). Gotowość wobec technologii. Konteksty, definicja i pomiar. Katowice: Wydawnictwo UŚ. [book webiste] [promotional materials]
  • Więckowska, M., Rudnicka, P. (2018)(red.). Balansowanie. Paradoksy, technologia, przyszłość. Katowice: Wydawnictwo ASP. [online access]

Papers: A complete list of publications is available on Google Scholar

Research projects

  • 2019-2021, "Psychology MOOC - E-learning Courses for Developing Psychology Students Competences”, University of Silesia, Coordinator, NCBiR grant of 383 230 PLN
  • 2021-ongoing, „Mobee Usability Model (MUM) – Automatic Usability Analysis Tool for e-Commerce”, Mobee Dick, UX expert, NCBiR grant of 3 372 151 PLN


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