1st Year Painting Studio

Classes in the studio have a specific purpose, which consists mainly in convincing future graphic artists about of the importance of colour. Even if they use a very limited colour range, its choice should be deliberate. In class, students are given the task to paint an arrangement of a still life with a model. This classic working method teaches the interpretation of visual phenomena in painting, especially at the initial stage of their studies. Paintings created at the studio are a starting point for discussing composition, interpretation of a theme, anatomy and character of a model, as well as the meaning of the painting and its place in the context of contemporary art. Painting technology issues are also addressed. In addition to work done in class, students are given homework assignments. This is an extremely important element of education that teaches to understand the task and interpret it in a way that is not a straightforward illustration of the problem. It is also important for students to think independently and to be able to connect the subject with their own environment. The studio is not a place where students must clearly define their attitude towards painting and the choice of means of expression. It is a unique time when making mistakes and looking for one’s own creative path is welcome. The most important is the process itself and hard work, because only that way students can learn the most about themselves and about what will become the main theme of their work in the future.

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