Linocut Techniques Studio

Relief print is one of the basic printmaking techniques and the quickest introduction into the issues of visual arts. It requires synthesis and teaches discipline through the contact with resisting matter. The studio curriculum involves two stages of learning this technique: on the level of printmaking basics in the 1st and 2nd year, and as a specialized studio by choice for those wanting to perfect the technique from the 3rd to 5th year, including their diploma project. Aside from training skills, the aim of the studio is to help in the development of the future graduate’s creative sensibility. The accessibility of materials and the simplicity of the technique allows the artist to focus on the intellectual side of the creative process. An important element on this stage is experimentation – the possibility of redefining the matrix and imprint. Students, taking a break from the complex new media techniques, can find a very modern form of expression while working in wood, linoleum, and plaster.

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