Visual Arts Studio I

The aim of the studio is a comprehensive development of students’ artistic skills, especially those relevant for the work of a designer. The first year course is based on a direct still-life study. It prepares students for more mature activities in the later years, aiming at the synthesis of shape and colour as well as an attempt at a visual definition of observed phenomena, preceded by reflection and analysis. Addressing issues related to the ability to convert three-dimensional space into two-dimensional plane, colour phenomena in the context of their universality and creative use of colour.
The course involves exercises that precede an analysis of physical phenomena commonly found in nature, such as colour, light, shape, space, time, balance, form, movement, and expression. Students expand their range of artistic media and learn to design their work. They can use film and digital cameras in order to adapt the photographic image for the purpose of creating compositions based on observation form nature (sculpture, painting, new media).

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