Visual Arts Studio II

Studio with a 30-year tradition. Since 2009 the subject is obligatory for 1st the year students in the industrial design field of study and optional for the students of the 2nd year of at the Faculty of Design. The studio also provides an opportunity to deepen knowledge, broaden and improve skills and to support diploma projects of graduate students. The aim of the studio is to provide conditions for the development of students’ creative personalities – increasing the ability to use visuals to record impressions, thoughts, concepts and design ideas; stimulating sensibility, imagination and visual awareness – realization of the origin of signs and relations between the cognitive process and the process of shaping the visual language; creating conditions for shaping individual creative attitudes and the scale of aesthetic values – supporting intuitive artistic actions that are conscious of rationally motivated decisions. The basis of first year tutorials is a direct study in the form of interpretive exercises that oscillate from analysis to synthesis. Complementary exercises include composition and sketching. In the later years students make their own choices about their creative development. From the second year they can express themselves in painting, drawing, spatial activities and electronic media. The orientation of experience takes place through introductory and summarizing lectures, individual corrections and reviews, discussions and collective reviews – increasing in difficulty with individual predispositions and skills. Student works have been presented many times in galleries outside the institution.

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