News 04.11.2019

International Student Drawing Triennal

The competition is open to students of art universities and colleges from Poland and abroad.

Organised for the third time by the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, the International Drawing Review becomes a key presentation of this discipline, confirming its prominent place in art education. The previous editions of the competition showed the great potential of the medium, they revealed the possibilities of breaking its territory and discovering new areas.

The themes of the works and the richness of their stylistics broke through academic traditions, searching for a drawing freed from burdens, following its own path. Such an image of drawing definitely defends its key function, which is the basis for creative experience, especially in the curricula of art universities and colleges.

It guarantees the free and authentic development of young artists in search of their own language and in constructing their own artistic identity, free from dependence and external voices.

1. The competition is open to students of art universities and colleges from Poland and abroad.
2. Manual drawings, made in any technique on a thin ground (paper, foil), the longer side of which does not exceed 140 cm, will be qualified for the exhibition. Works on hard grounds (plate, board, stretcher, glass) and drawings framed in glass will not qualify. The organisers do not allow computer-assisted works to enter the competition.
3. Every participant may submit up to three works created during their studies, either at a university/college or outside, in the years 2018 – 2019. The competition is also open to 2019 graduates.
4. The works will be qualified for the competition in two stages.

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