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See you later: end-of-year exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice

519 students including 21 from abroad, 28 doctoral students and two semesters of work. On Wednesday 12 June the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice will show works of our students artists and designers made since October. The opening starts at 16:00, the exhibition will be available every day from 10:00 to 18:00 until 19 June.

This is the AFA's biggest exhibition, presenting the study programmes and the work results of students of all years. 'Painting, prints, multimedia, design, sculpture, industrial design, scenography, animation, illustration, visual identity, intermedia, film... This presentation is a fraction of this academic year's best student works, exhibited in three buildings in all spaces, with an opportunity to talk, get explanations, ask about the details and general things,' says Antoni Cygan, Rector of the AFA Katowice. We will see the works of the students of graphic art, painting, graphic design and design.

Graphic Art: traditional techniques and modern artistic productions
Graphic art offers activities in the area of pure arts. The students take advantage of the opportunities offered by numerous studios, from classical techniques to state-of-the-art digital technologies, or creating original books. The programme is based on artistic pursuits, focusing on the connection between the idea and its visual form. The students develop their own methods of articulation, they experiment or join techniques; all this supports their original expression. The works produced in graphic art studios can be seen mainly in the 19 Koszarowa building.

Painting: the pure shape of art
Five years of independent, unhindered work, supported by the dialogue and creative atmosphere of the studio, allows the students to gain practical experience and to formulate their own language. Recognized artists run the studios of painting, drawing and intermedia. Are the AFA Katowice students already able to create new phenomena? Do they have the skill of recognizing what is important? We will find the answers in the 50 Raciborska building, where the painting students will be presenting their work.

Graphic Design: responsible approach to challenges
Visual identity, visual communication, typography, digital and printed publications, illustrations, posters, animations and games. Graphic Design students face a lot of diversified tasks. What they all have in common is addressing important social issues and providing creative answers to the topics proposed by teachers. Who wants to see how fascinating and diversified design can be should  visit the 50 Raciborska and 19 Koszarowa buildings.

Design: respect for the needs of users
They celebrate tradition and cultural heritage, try to solve social problems and bravely face controversial issues. The students of Design at the AFA Katowice analyze, experiment, seek and propose new solutions. The exhibition in the 37 Raciborska building shows the designs of products, public space, visual communication systems, visual identity, social communication and services.

Theatre, cinema, intermedia, Art Therapy
The end-of-year exhibition provides a great opportunity to glimpse the possible future of animated films, theatre and film set design, or interdisciplinary productions. Such works will be presented in the Open Space and the cinema hall at the 50 Raciborska building.

The same building will house the works of Art Therapy students. This pioneering, interdisciplinary programme is delivered jointly by three Katowice schools: the Music Academy, Academy of Fine Arts and Medical University of Silesia. Art Therapy joins elements of art, pedagogy, special needs education, therapy and psychology.

See you later: end-of-year exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
Opening: Wednesday 12 June, 16.00
open 10.00-18.00 until 19 June
Koszarowa 19, Raciborska 37, Raciborska 50
Free admission

Agata Chmielarz

  • associate professor
  • Head of Chair of Industrial Design
  • associate professor
  • Head of Chair of Industrial Design

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