News 06.04.2020

Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice during the coronavirus outbreak

Important information: please read

Dear Members of our academic community,

containing the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus requires our cooperation and patience. An important element of the preventive measures is self-isolation and social distancing. Both recommendations must now prevail over the ideas that inspired our ancestors  to create the Academia as places to meet in order to exchange knowledge and skills.

The state of pandemic forces us to reorganize our way of teaching and  the procedures of managing the university, and to change our everyday routines. Below please find the information on the risks of
the SARS-CoV-2 infection, what to do if you suspect you have been infected, and about the organizational changes at the Academy.

Although we must remain in our houses, we should keep in touch with art. Let us spend this time creatively. Let us visit virtual galleries, libraries and cinemas.

Antoni Cygan
Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice

  • Distance learning. Signing in and other information.

    Following the recommendations from the government:
    - all Academy buildings are closed until 10 April (the date may be changed),
    - all public events and meetings at the Academy are cancelled until further notice,
    - classes and teaching are conducted online until 30 April.

    The online classes will be held according to the current schedule. Please observe the schedule and follow the instructions from your teachers.

    The Academy is launching an e-learning platform based on GSuite and the Classroom app, where the updated, e-learning-suitable course content will be available. The process will be realized in stages; we will keep you informed about the developments.


  • AFA in Katowice: changes in the educational process

    1.    Distance learning is recommended, especially as regards  consultations, corrections, and providing students and doctoral students with learning materials.
    2.    It is recommended that teachers should be available online according to the classes schedule.
    3.    The platform set up by the AFA IT section in the framework of the Google GSuite and Google Classrom service will be used for classes and for access to the learning materials and educational content.
    4.    Students are obligated to check every day  the information updates in the Student Panel of USOS, on the AFA website and sent by e-mail.

  • AFA in Katowice: organizational changes

    The school operation is changed at least until 10 April, including:
    -    Buildings are closed; access is granted only to people whose presence is absolutely necessary.
    -    Administrative staff work from home as far as possible; other staff who cannot perform their regular duties remain on standby and can by reached by e-mail.
    -    The members of our academic community who do not need to be at school are requested to stay at home.

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