Aktualności 09.01.2019

Invitation to the 6th International Winter Campus 2019 “ADVENTURE-LAND”

The artists' town Kalbe is a social sculpture. Art will be held in the newly developed areas that make possible cultural encounters. Vacant apartments is again breathed life, they will be transferred to tell.

A project, which has been bringing contemporary art in very unusual rooms in the Altmark for over 4 years with great success. In the meantime we have received 16 prizes and awards, including from the Land of Ideas and the Saxony-Anhalt Demography Prize. We are supported by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes Fonds Neue Länder and the Robert Bosch Foundation "Neulandgewinner-Zukunft erfinden vor Ort". Through art and culture, people are invited to recognise and experience their own creative potential, in order ultimately to contribute it to the shaping of society for the common good. And the craziest thing about it - it works!

Zgłoszenia są przyjmowane do 2 lutego. Więcej tutaj.

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